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Benefits you get when
using StoryTribe:

Easy-to-use, intuitive user interface, allowing you to focus on telling your story instead of struggling with complicated software.

Quality illustrations for professional & academic purposes. It is our goal to provide support for a variety of cultures, races, and body types.

StoryTribe offers a wide range of character combinations, and the options are always expanding.

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StoryTribe provides a library of ready-to-use graphic assets & scene props.

Fully customisable speech and thought bubbles for your storyboarding needs, designed to be both fun and intuitive.

Designed to mirror human proportions, StoryTribe characters fit seamlessly into real-life photo backgrounds and instantly immerse your audience in your visual story.

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Yunmie from StoryTribe

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UXer and Storyboarder
Will there be a free version?

We are considering introducing a free version in 2024. Currently, StoryTribe is available on a subscription basis only.

What happens to my beta access after November if I've paid

After November, we'll switch to a monthly or discounted annual subscription.

Can I use it on Windows, iPhone, or Android?

Initially, StoryTribe will be available as a web app for desktop and tablet users. We are also planning to release iOS and Android versions in the future, so you'll be able to use it on various platforms and devices.

Can I use it to animate?

Currently, StoryTribe is focused on professional storyboarding and does not offer animation capabilities. However, we are considering adding animation features in future updates, based on user feedback and demand.

Is there a plan for increased cultural representation?

Indeed, StoryTribe actively promotes the incorporation of varied characters and is committed to broadening the character selection as time progresses.

Can I add my own characters?

At the moment, StoryTribe offers a selection of customisable characters and assets. We may consider allowing users to add their own characters in future updates.

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