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We're not a big corporation with endless resources.

Instead, we're just two passionate individuals trying to create something meaningful. Our journey began with a shared dream – to craft a world where everyone can effortlessly illustrate their stories, much like expressing themselves in their native language.

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About the team

Meet Yunmie and David, the masterminds behind the scenes, dedicating their time to make creativity accessible to everyone.

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    Yunmie Kim

    UX Specialist, Illustrator & Co-founder

    UX specialist with 15+ years experience. Author and illustrator of two storybooks. Created first comics when she was 15. An advocate and practitioner for UX storyboarding.

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    David Smith

    Full-Stack Developer & Co-founder

    Founder of the UK animation magazine ‘Skwigly’. Has passion for visual art. 20+ years of development experience. Started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 10 years.

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